Month: December 2011

Marie and I absolutely love Mexico

  We have visited Mexico so many times with the three RVs we owned. Our favorite area is the Yucatan with all the ancient temples and pyramids…like this “chichenitza ruinas”.   We visited all the ruins and major cities in

The log canoe races

  Marie and I, along with a few other friends, sailed over to St. Michael’s on the eastern shore of Maryland to witness the log canoe races held once a year. It was thrilling to watch! We had never seen

My four-footed neighbors

  I tell all the buyers of my book, incredible virgin island adventure, that Marie and I live out in the country where our closest neighbors are four-footed. Therefore, we seldom go to town…only as needed. I give them our

Books reordered—need room for them!

  Hi folks. I have reordered 100 copies of my book. Now I need to sell the books I have on hand to make room for the new batch. I should digress here and tell you about the flints I