Month: December 2011

Marie is a real plant nut.

  I married a real plant nut. When I first met her and went to the apartment she shared with her sister, Ruth, plants were everywhere…on all the window sills, tables…refrigerator…you name it…if it would hold  plants …they were there.

Blood where it should not be!

  Yesterday, I woke up with blood in my urine. This wasn’t just pink…it was brilliant red and frightened me. Our doctor ordered a Cat Scan to see what was wrong. The scan didn’t hurt, but was very uncomfortable. I

Our fuel tank on Water Lily developed a leak

  Our diesel fuel tank began a slow leak. The tank was built to conform to the curved hull and the leak was on the hull side, so I couldn’t get to it for a repair. This all took place

Visiting Our National Parks

  Marie and I visited many of our National Parks on our frequent trips out west. One of our favorites was Arches. Here is a sample of our pictures. George

Learning something about Facebook.

I have used Microsoft Word 2000 and am very comfortable with it. When I leave it for something else I am lost. So you can imagine how lost I am in Facebook. Well, I bought the book, “Facebook—The Missing Manual.