Friends on Facebook.

I get a lot of requests for friendship on Facebook. I don’t respond to these requests.

They come through on my email as having a “Notification on Facebook” or something like that. When I click on it, that’s when I get asked for someone’s friendship.

On “My Space”, it’s considered great to have a zillion friends…not so on Facebook. On Facebook “Friends” should know each other, at least and want to know how they are!

If someone wants to be my friend, let’s do it on email. That’s where two people can get together and really be friends. I hate to see a person brag about having, for example, 734 “friends” on Facebook! I mean…so what? Who cares how many you have? Certainly not me!

I guess I’m the oddball, eh?



George and his wife, Marie, sailed professionally, chartering boats in the Bahamas, then in the Virgin Islands. They then leased an uninhabited island, Little Thatch, in the British Virgin Islands, and turned it into a small hotel. After six years, they left the island and bought a lovely beachfront property on Jost Van Dyke (BVI) where they built Sandcastle Hotel and the original Soggy Dollar Bar. George is now the author of Incredible Virgin Island Adventure: A True Story.

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