Month: April 2011

Soggy Dollar’s concrete slab.

When I was ready to build Soggy Dollar’s slab, I got out my book on concrete construction. I remembered that it had some info on constructing plywood forms for pouring gracefully curved edges of slabs, like curved sidewalks, etc. You

I am sold out of books!

Folks, I’m sorry, but I didn’t plan ahead far enough, and I am sold out of books. My computer guru friend and I are scrambling to get a new edition ready for the printers. We should be ready to go

Young man visits New York.

This young man from out west was visiting New York on his vacation. He was beginning to learn that some of the New Yorkers were a bit brusque. One day, as he was walking down one of the avenues. He

Old age memory Loss

I guess you folks know that Marie and I are in our 80s. Right? Well, we seem to be forgetting things unless we write them down. Like we go to town for numerous errands…come home, and realize we forgot something

The Pelican

Living in Florida, Marie and I see a lot of these birds. We thought you might enjoy this poem about them as much as we did. A strange old bird is the pelican His beak can hold more than his