Speed Limit…Reasonable & Proper


Back in 1940, my parents took a cruise ship from New York , through the Panama Canal, ending in San Francisco.

It had been arranged that my buddy and I would drive our family car, a 1940 De Soto, from Wash. D.C. ( where we lived) to California to meet up with them, and continue on by car to tour Canada.

Altogether, that was one fantastic vacation.

I remember parts of Texas that were so wide open and sparsely settled, that the speed limit signs read: Speed Limit: Reasonable & Proper. We couldn’t believe it! Clarence and I figured 90 m.p.h was about right for the empty highways.

Well, on one of the trips Marie and I took out West, they could have posted the same signs today in parts of Texas. Take a look at this photo, folks, and see if you don’t agree:


George and his wife, Marie, sailed professionally, chartering boats in the Bahamas, then in the Virgin Islands. They then leased an uninhabited island, Little Thatch, in the British Virgin Islands, and turned it into a small hotel. After six years, they left the island and bought a lovely beachfront property on Jost Van Dyke (BVI) where they built Sandcastle Hotel and the original Soggy Dollar Bar. George is now the author of Incredible Virgin Island Adventure: A True Story.

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