Month: February 2011

My melanoma (Cont’d.) and Facebook

Tomorrow I go to the hospital for X-rays, and another operation on my arm, and God knows what all. My Pre-op directions call for taking a hot shower tonight, scrubbing vigorously with an anti-bacterial soap, like Dial. Okay, let’s get


I really enjoy woodworking. There’s just something about taking some raw wood and creating useful and pretty things. Here is a reading lamp lamp I made for myself,  using a scroll saw for the decorative part.

Sandcastle’s sign

I did some inquiring in St. Thomas regarding a sign for Sandcastle. All the estimates I got were way over our budget. It was our remoteness that bothered them the most…getting the finished sign over to Jost Van Dyke. So,

English Harbor, Antigua.

In the book, I told all about riding out a hurricane In English Harbor. In the printing of the book, somehow the photo of the harbor was left out. Here then, is the photo.

Another Testimonial.

Way back in my Blog, I inserted a testimonial by Parham B. Now I would like to post another one I cherish, written by Jo Debra G. on Feb. 2 Dear George,   I just finished your book and I