What is White Bay like today?

Marie and I can’t imagine what White Bay, JVD, looks liks today. I think there are numerous new bars, just how many, I don’t know. But that means the beach, as we knew it is, well, no longer the same Here is what it looked like when we built Sandcastle. 

I guess the description would be un-crowded, and pristinegirlbeach .

George and his wife, Marie, sailed professionally, chartering boats in the Bahamas, then in the Virgin Islands. They then leased an uninhabited island, Little Thatch, in the British Virgin Islands, and turned it into a small hotel. After six years, they left the island and bought a lovely beachfront property on Jost Van Dyke (BVI) where they built Sandcastle Hotel and the original Soggy Dollar Bar. George is now the author of Incredible Virgin Island Adventure: A True Story.

2 comments on “What is White Bay like today?
  1. Meg Swire says:

    Oh…if only I could have seen it then! Thanks so much George for sharing this with us now. This is priceless to me. I sure hope we can meet someday!

  2. George,
    You really should go back – celebrate your great report from the doctor! The view from Sandcastle that direction is thankfully similar still (Just Ivan’s and a couple of houses down that way). Most of the businesses are on the other side. It’s still a beautiful, peaceful beach – especially after about 4 o’clock when the daytrippers go home.
    I’m forever grateful to you and Marie for the hard work and love you left on White Bay.

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