Month: January 2011

What is White Bay like today?

Marie and I can’t imagine what White Bay, JVD, looks liks today. I think there are numerous new bars, just how many, I don’t know. But that means the beach, as we knew it is, well, no longer the same

A Papier-mache art piece we couldn’t resist.

Marie and I are hooked on buying meaningful souvenirs when we travel. In one of Merida’s huge super markets, we found, in their art department, these papier-mache creations, and had to have them.

Souvenirs from Mexico

I forget what city we were in at the time, but we were having breakfast.  We had ordered orange juice and juevos ranchero (our favorite breakfast.) At a small table nearby our waitress took out some oranges from a large

The dancer’s husband who I forgot!

I posted a nice photo of the professional dancer we hosted on charter, but forgot to insert his photo, playing the imaginary piano. So…..better late than never.

Budding author.

When we got the job chartering Water Lily, I thought about those articles I had read in Yachting on chartering. I decided to keep some notes , and maybe someday I could also sell something to one of the yachting