Month: November 2010

Mirical Ear, hearing aid

Marie kept after me to get my hearing checked—that I probably needed a hearing aid. I kept telling her that I could hear okay and that she should quit mumbling. As so often happens, she won out, and I finally

Unexpected help building Sandcastle.

One day we got a call from Sam Harrell, making a reservation for lunch for his family. You may remember that Sam was the one who discovered the shipwreck. The Harrells, Sam, his wife,Betsy and his children, Patti and Michael

What happened to cuff links?

I have a couple of nice French cuff shirts, but no cuff links! While in town one day I looked in several stores and couldn’t find any cuff links. Finally, in a swanky men’s store in the Mall, they had

The day I quit smoking—forever.

This happened while we were still at Little Thatch. It was early morning, September 8, 1969, a date I will never forget. I was on my way in the Ivory Gull to pickup Enez, our housekeeper. It was a beautiful

A Shadow-Box

Marie had read about a shadow-box and thought it would be cool to get one to display a couple of flints and a Certificate of Authenticity in our living room. We visited Michaels Arts and Crafts to see if they