Month: November 2010

Oh boy—Melanoma . Whew!

Well, folks, I have been diagnosed with Melanoma. For those of you who don’t know about this disease, it’s a malignant skin cancer with a bad attitude, to put it mildly.  My dermatologist recommended that I go to the Moffitt

Our beachside dining room.

Here is the result of Marie’s skyhooks and my first stonemasonry work. Read all about it in the book. Are you up to it Live Writer?

146 Boat loads of Aggregate!

Prior to pouring the concrete slab for the dining room, I hauled the ag from way down on the far end of the beach. Read all about it in the book. Okay, are you up to this , Live Writer?

Marie’s “Skyhooks”—perfect columns!

Live Writer is persnickety. Okay, one photo, minimum text. Want more info? My book has it, or email me: geriem at peoplepc dot com. Subject: Skyhooks. Can you handle that, Live Writer? George

Zapped three times by Live Writer

I have tried to post about Razor Tooth Saw now three times, and been shot down. I will try to let the one photo tell you the story. Maybe the program will let this go through. Here goes a final