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Now I am going to diverge and tell you about an alarm clock I bought at Walmart. And no, I don’t work at Walmart, nor do I own any of their stock. It’s just that we buy all our groceries there and a lot of other stuff. And when I buy something I really like, I want to tell my friends about it. And you folks out there reading this, I consider my friends. Well, you are, aren’t you?

This is the Atomic Clock by SHARP. Once the single AA battery (not included) is installed, the clock sets itself within 5 to 8 minutes. It does this by receiving an atomic radio signal by its internal antenna, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Isn’t that cool?

It keeps perfect time to the second! Why anyone would need pinpoint accuracy like this, beats me. But if you do—there it is. It does this via a tiny nudge (if necessary) from a radio signal originating from Colorado every night at 2:00 a.m. You can always set your other clocks by this one.

You can set the time you want to get up to the exact minute. My wife and I like to get up at 6:30 a.m. That is precisely when this thing sounds off—to the second. (Be careful here. I set it for p.m. at first!) Now here’s the kicker—you never have to remember to set the alarm when you retire—it sets itself automatically! You just leave the clock alone—let it do its thing. Terrific, huh? Now you will never wake up late, because you forgot to set the alarm, and have to skip breakfast to get to work on time. And yes, it has that snooze feature if you’re so inclined.

Oh, yeah, the price, as I recall, was only about fifteen or sixteen bucks, including Florida’s 7 % tax. I am impressed with this clock. Any questions?


By the way, I also bought the smoothest-writing pen I have ever owned. It’s a Uniball Signo Premier 207. Cost me about six bucks plus tax. (The first time you use it, there is a tiny blob you pull off of the tip.) I have three of them. I carry one with me and have one in the living room by my chair, and one by my computer.

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  1. James Provost says:

    That same clock is available at KMART in St. Thomas. It does not have a seetin for Atlantic time, but if you set it to Eastern time and select daylight savings time, it works. It also displays the date and temperature.

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