Month: September 2010

Harvest Moon

On Wednesday night, Sept. 22, My wife Marie and I watched the bright Harvest Moon, with the planet Jupiter nearby.Luckily, we had heard about it on TV. The full moon occurred on the same night as the fall equinox (whatever


I have mentioned how much Marie and I loved chartering in the British Virgin Islands. I would like to expand on that a little. One of the reasons we loved it so much was the islands. They are breathtakingly beautiful.

Crossing Gulf Stream

The books all warn you, “Don’t cross the mighty Gulf Stream during a Norther.” This is when the wind swings to the north. Now this strong, forbidding wind is bucking the 3 to 4 knot relentless, northerly flow of the

Visiting Bahamas

Shortly after getting my license, Aubrey arrived. We were fully provisioned and eager to shove off for the Bahamas. The suggested procedure for a sailboat crossing the Gulf Steam, heading for Nassau, is to go at night, setting a course

Alarm Clock!

Now I am going to diverge and tell you about an alarm clock I bought at Walmart. And no, I don’t work at Walmart, nor do I own any of their stock. It’s just that we buy all our groceries