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I just finished reading the book Blog, written by Hugh Hewitt. In one of his chapters, he describes his relentless plugging on his radio show of another of his books. Mr. Hewitt says, regarding this plugging of his book, “If you don’t tell them, nobody will.” I sure agree with that, Mr. Hewitt!

The first seven chapters of BLOG, though very interesting, didn’t really tell me what I hoped to find. However, from chapter eight on, this book is loaded with terrific advise for any blogger. I learned a lot. Thank you, Mr. Hewitt.

I loved that piece you wrote about Bruce Bright, CEO of Really Big Company.

I think every CEO in the country should read it; it’s priceless!

As you pointed out, if I don’t tell people I have a book for sale, nobody else will. Here then, will be my best shot to sell my book—right here in this post.

Oh, I’ll refer to my book in a lot of my posts, closely following the chapters, but this will be the prime mover. Okay, here we go…

First, as an enticement, I want to give everyone a copy of the Prologue to the book. Since the Prologue is fairly long, I will break it up into two posts, starting right after this post.

I have read that testimonials help you sell your product, whatever it might be. Well, now you know what my product is. So, here is a jim-dandy e-mail testimonial I treasure—a real humdinger! I got this last year from Mr. Parham B.

Dear George,

Reading this book took me on a lifetime adventure. I felt that I was there with George and Marie as they left a successful business to chase their dreams—would make a great movie or t.v. special. Best Regards,


That e-mail, dated Nov. 20, 2009, gave me one hell of a lift. Marie says it’s my nature to have large Mood Swings. I guess she’s right—Parham’s e-mail sure triggered a whopper!

Now I will tell you about the flints I salvaged, and how I plan to pass them on to you folks. First, I will tell how I came about these flints.

Sam Harrell, a dear friend and repeat guest of our small hotel on Little Thatch Island, discovered, on one of his diving sprees, two large mounds of coral-encrusted ballast stones. Sam and I both owned a copy of the same book on shipwrecks, so we knew that the ballast stones would be all that was evident of a very old wreck.

Much later, research revealed that the slave ship Constantine sank here during a hurricane in 1785. The crew was saved. The slaves had probably been sold in Dominica.

Since Sam and his family were leaving for the States the next day, he told me about the wreck site and its general location. He asked me to let him know what I might find.

I made numerous dives on this wreck and found these flints, along with some other goodies. Back in the days of our ancestors, flints were used in the firing mechanism of flintlock rifles.

Please reflect on this a moment—these hand made flints are well over 200 years old! They date back to when George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin lived. Man, you talk about antiques!

Naturally, my supply of flints is limited, but, while they last, I will include a flint, and a Certificate of Authenticity with each autographed copy of my book—Incredible Virgin Island Adventure—that you folks buy. If you have any questions please email me. My address is: geriem at peoplepc dot com.

The basic price of the book is $24.95. Do to the postage involved, this cost varies between domestic and international. I will accept PayPal, a Money Order, or your personal check. I am curently looking into this problem of U.S. buyers/ International buyers and will most likely have a good solution very shortly. Please stay tuned for the details.I guess your bank or Post Office will have to do the conversion. There is no Handling fee.This Blog selling is all new to me! As I said above, I will work it out to simplify it for everyone! I have a computer expert helping me on this! And I sure need him!

Now that certainly wasn’t too blatant or pushy! Right?

George and his wife, Marie, sailed professionally, chartering boats in the Bahamas, then in the Virgin Islands. They then leased an uninhabited island, Little Thatch, in the British Virgin Islands, and turned it into a small hotel. After six years, they left the island and bought a lovely beachfront property on Jost Van Dyke (BVI) where they built Sandcastle Hotel and the original Soggy Dollar Bar. George is now the author of Incredible Virgin Island Adventure: A True Story.

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