Year: 2010

Marie’s Christmas greetings

Here is a picture of her greetings on “Christmas day at Sandcastle Hotel

Merry Christmas—Feliz Navidad

Marie and I lived in Mexico for about three years. One Christmas we saw this somewhere and copied it, added appropriate drawings, and sent it to some of our friends. Now I would like to share it with all you

Melanoma follow-up.

Well, folks, I’m feeling a little better today and capable of proceeding with this dreadful subject. The doctor I saw at Moffitt went over all the numerous facets of melanoma with me. Basically, a lot depends on whether it has

Oh boy—Melanoma . Whew!

Well, folks, I have been diagnosed with Melanoma. For those of you who don’t know about this disease, it’s a malignant skin cancer with a bad attitude, to put it mildly.  My dermatologist recommended that I go to the Moffitt

Our beachside dining room.

Here is the result of Marie’s skyhooks and my first stonemasonry work. Read all about it in the book. Are you up to it Live Writer?